Collaboration, diversity, working towards shared goals to see ourselves as we are, is at the heart of Neighbors, from creation to distribution of the series. Episodes will pair directors, artists, and storytellers with the communities, or regions highlighted, so stories are told from a variety of perspectives. Just as the series seeks to break down polarization across the U.S., the creative process will seek to break through the competition and biases that often get in the way of true collaboration. Through partnerships with organizations like Revolve Impact and Elysium Bandini we hope to create ties in the communities we film in and present the work in a way that supports the work of other artists as well.



revolve impact

A better world begins with a better story...

If we are to transform policy, we have to begin with transforming the way we speak about ourselves, our families, and one another. A key intent of Neighbors is to move beyond single issue/identity organizing to deepen relationships and cross-pollinate new ones.

The Institute of Narrative Growth and Revolve Impact, two award-winning social impact agencies that work at the intersection of arts, culture, and politics, are launching a dinner dialogue initiative to bring communities together. The effort is built upon the premise that the way we speak about a problem directly affects how we attempt to resolve it. Community engagement will involve a weekend long series of dinners based around writing, listening, speaking and engaging one another.


The impact goal is simple: create spaces where every person, across culture and faiths, openly sees themselves as an essential part of transforming American culture and society.

Neighbors the series, will partner with Neighbors the communication campaign, culling characters from the cities they visit and bringing their stories to life.

elysium bandini

Elysium Bandini, is a non-profit studio, powered by collaboration and service.