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Landscapes, performance and verite scenes, make up this collage of perspective and experience. We are painting a portrait of a place, a feeling, a time, a sense, an internal world, through music, story telling and visual imagery.

Each episode combines sweeping drone aerials, quiet narrative character portraits and stylized performances to attempt to mirror the texture of our emotional lives.

The Look

The look embodies the essence of Robert Franks photography in The Americans  — imagery that captures a moment, a feeling. The visual palette will change each episode according the needs of the environment. One episode may be black and white, another may feel like its shot on a 16mm bolex. The goal it to capture the emotion with the visual language.

Click here for a taste of the look.


Intimate portraits

Intimate portraits of characters present a day in a life of ordinary Americans, from working in a mine, or shuttered retail shop, to driving Uber, or running a tech start up. We will attempt to capture the emotional lives of widely different types of Americans, searching for a thread of commonality.

Long tracking shots, handheld on 16mm juxtaposed to fly on the wall observational verite, provide an immersive style, taking the audience into the characters world.


Landscapes provide a sense of place.

Think of Burtynsky's visual storytelling with aerials. We'll use drones to capture a sense of the sweeping landscapes, or crowded cityscapes of the American frontier.



Performance should feel organic, pulling from the style and feel of Searching for the Wrong-Eyed Jesus. Think an artist performing in the back of the Uber, or in a deserted Dairy Queen. Performance provides breath in the scenes and also becomes the soundtrack to the visual language, taking us deeper into the characters emotional lives.